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Monday morning 7.20am - should be running round getting ready for work.

Me: (Mindlessly scrolling through Tumblr) Look at that cute kitten in a cardboard box. I miss Supernatural. Urgh - people are idiots. Oh yay Game of Thrones back tonight. Mmmm mmm that Tom Welling looks super fine in his mid 30s. Why haven’t I seen Capt America:Winter Soldier yet? I should be friends with that Robert Downey Junior fellow. Who’d have thought Cumberbatch had such a nice ass? Awww Sammy Winchester - I wuv you. ….oh shit LOOK AT THE TIME!?!?!!


I have to say it was a pretty awesome moment when I got to write the entry for the SuperWiki on Julia Wilkinson, the character writer Adam Glass named after me in Mother’s Little Helper!

Obviously as a passionate Supernatural fan, it is an enormous thrill and a huge honour for me. But it meant even more to me than even that.

Many years ago, i was disowned by my family for being a dyke. Now disowned is a rather Dickensian term, but my family did demand that not only did i cease all contact with them and any relative or friend of theirs, but also that I change my name. Not only my family name, but also my first name so that no-one could associate me with them. The first thing I agreed to, but I didn’t change either of my names - coz well they’re mine.

So all these years later, to have someone who knows me want to use my name in his work, in such a public forum as a TV show and one which means so much to me, well it feels pretty special. And gives some added weight for me to the term SPN Family.

Jules is the older sister I never had as far as I’m concerned and I’m so glad I got to catch up with her this last weekend. Can’t wait till we do so again!

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