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Happy Birthday Misha Collins….I hope you thanked your poor Mother because she deserves a medal for getting you this far given your propensity for hatching cunningly nefarious (mostly terrifying) plans. You fool no one by the way, we all know this epic charity and kindness you give out to the world is just you trying to keep the cosmic balance in your karma bank. And we love you and all your karma anyway. Never change you crazy mofo.

itsajensenthing asked:

I think I've told you so many times on Twitter, but i need to tell you at least once on Tumblr. I LOVE your photos!! You get amazing shots! I'm in love :) Thank you so much for sharing! (actually, my icon is one of yours!) xx

:D :D Emoticons really don’t express the beam on my face reading messages like this. Thanks and you’re very welcome. I love taking the photos so I’m glad they’re good enough to share.

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